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San Clemente Block Party Hires 80s Cover Band FlashPants

San Clemente Block Party 80s band

San Clemente Block Party

No San Clemente Block Party would be complete without 80s Cover Band FlashPants in the house! Our client Yann knew this, so she called us as soon as she knew should would be throwing this fabulous shindig! All the local San Clemente peeps came out to eat, dance, drink and be merry..yea FlashPants entertains older folks and kids too!?

You might think that we only perform at night…that’s not the case! We perform day or night, rain or shine wherever people want the best interactive entertainment that money can buy!

Here are the photos that we took of the party:

San Clemente Block Party 80s cover band

Here’s a video of what our Private Parties look like:
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