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Did you know that a number of our members are Wedding DJ’s?

That’s why we we have a wedding package that is OFF THE HOOK!!


Bands are fun, exciting, and classy, but have limited playlists, are challenging to coordinate with, and are more expensive than DJ’s. DJ’s on the other hand can play any request, can change direction on a dime, but lack the excitement and energy of a live band. Obviously, having both is ideal, but historically has been cost prohibitive…


Incase you didn’t know, many of our members are wedding DJs and have DJ’d well over 2,000 weddings! They bring their skill and knowledge to your event by making sure that your wedding inspires both the young and old, Mc’ing and Djing everything while getting your guests on their feet! All at a price you can afford!


We start your event in formal attire playing soft classy jazz (CODE NAME “JazzPants”) for the cocktail hour, followed by one of the members DJ/MC’ing all the formalities (Grand entrance, dances, toasts etc..) finished by the band in full 80’s attire rocking the funniest choreography you have ever seen! (G-Rated of course!) From then on we switch between the Band and DJ based on guests response. 


Generally speaking getting all three: CLASSY COCKTAIL BAND, EXPERIENCED WEDDING DJ, and INTERACTIVE 80’S DANCE BAND (lights and sound included!) perfectly coordinated from beginning to end will cost you LESS than what most wedding bands charge just to show up and play for a couple of hours! 


 “We want to tell any prospective clients that, yes, they should absolutely book FlashPants and EricTheDeeJay! 
These talented guys made our wedding an event to remember. The music was incredibly fun and flawlessly played, the act was hilarious and involved all of our friends and family, in fact everyone danced and laughed so much that they were all sore and hoarse for days later!! 
Eric has a lively take on traditional wedding activities such as introducing the new couple, the first dance, and especially throwing the garter. There were activities we’ve never seen before such as advice to the newlyweds from the guests who are married, and a birthday shake weight competition, judged by the brides mother, she’s still blushing and grinning from ear to ear, very interactive and extremely fun.  Eric has a genius for ad lib and keeping the party flowing, no one will get bored and, trust us, no one will want to leave, lots of our guests did’t until late the next day! (Luckily our wedding was in our back yard!)
Family and friends are still talking about our wedding. All night long everyone kept asking us, “Where did you find those guys?” One of our guests even told us very sincerely, “This is so much fun! You guys should get married every year! ” Wish we could, it really was that much fun, our perfect wedding, could not have been better, unless of course we could do it again next year!!!
Thanks Guys, you All rock!
 Yours Truly,
The Happy Newlyweds, 
Tracey and Gary K.”
“It is my pleasure to write this reference regarding Eric Rathgeber “EricTheDeeJay” / ”Flashpantsband”.   I first saw Eric when he was the DJ (no band) for a friends wedding that we had attended 2 years prior to mine.  He was full of life, got the party started and kept it going, while maintaining the flow of events in a timely manner.  We knew when we set our own wedding date (July 2012) that we wanted to hire Eric as well. 
Every wedding is different and I had alot of “non-traditional” ideas for my own, which Eric listened intently to.  He was amazing as he heard and understood my wants and ideas and expounded on them by contributing alot of his own ideas as well.   We met together several times, first meeting, and a couple more at the venue prior to the wedding.  Eric was always prompt, organized, showed up with a big smile and positive attitude while he displayed professionalism and expertise. He can make anything happen just the way you want it, he never made any request I had into a problem, he would think of a way to make it work.  Like I said, I had some non-traditional ideas:  A “Slash” impersonator (a member of his band) playing live electric guitar on a platform as I walked down the aisle.  He also made it possible for my 8 year old grandson, who was dressed as a mini “Slash” to play along side him. 
I wanted guest participation and lots of fun so he had the guests sing for their supper by table if they wanted to be served first.  The groups at the tables really got into it and a few tables competed with each other.   The band played awesome cocktail music during dinner, Eric MC’d during breaks and for announcements he kept things rolling along, and then Flashpants kicked off the reception/party.  This band is so good and so entertaining!  A show of their own, like no other I guarantee you. 
I’m so glad we got the extra large dance floor because I don’t think there was anybody sitting down all night.   I can’t tell you how many guests told us that ours was the best wedding they had ever attended.  My point is, it doesn’t matter what the bride and groom have in mind, conservative to wild, Eric will make it happen, just as you imagined it.  It’s obvious that this man and his band know what they are doing, they are AMAZING!
Gari R.”
“I am writing you in regards to Eric the DJ and his his band, Flashpants.  I recently got married in July and was privileged to have the band play at our reception. Our decision to have a band at the wedding reception came very easily once we met Eric and saw his high-energy group play at a local venue. We teetered the idea between DJ and band and were worried if our guests would connect with the music a band could offer. However, Eric’s professionalism and charisma engaged us immediately and we were excited to be a part of what he had to offer. Our instincts were correct!Flashpants was exactly what we were looking for to create the high-energy, fun entertainment for our guests. Eric was able to read and connect to our crowd. The guests were interested, enthusiastic, and engaged the entire night.
The real highlight was when the band changed into their 80s attire and rocked our reception. From uncles and aunts, to neighbors, cousins, friends, and parents, everyone was up dancing, laughing, and having an awesome time.
My husband and I had so many compliments about the reception and the band…”this was the BEST wedding EVER!” There were no regrets and we are so thrilled to look back and know it was a memorable night for everyone! 
I wish you luck with planning and hope you get a chance to experience the FUN of Flashpants!
Megan and Jade R.”