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FlashPants Best 80s Cover Band in Glendora, CA Hired for Halloween House Party!

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Bob throws a Halloween party every year. This year, he decided to hire FlashPants, the Best 80s Cover Band in Glendora, CA.

Halloween parties are a special thing, and here at FlashPants, we know how to do them RIGHT! Many times, the Halloween host of house party invites the neighbors, or at the very least, lets them know to expect some excitement coming from the house 😉

Bob really decked out his house with Halloween paraphernalia, including a fantastic horror maze with moving props, sound effects, a mirror room, corpses, monsters, ghouls, intense lighting — and the whole pathway on monitors, so that people’s/victim’s reactions could be viewed in the living room. As he told us, his party was the Place To Be in the neighborhood every Halloween!

Every single guest arrived in full costume! Bob said “I love you guys! I just love you guys! Love it! Love you guys!”, so we think he liked us.

Here are the photos we took at the party!

Best 80s Cover Band in Glendora

Here’s a video of what our House Parties look like
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